Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wi-Fi Over Slow 40% compared with the Fixed Broadband

NEW YORK - A study from research firm Epitiro found that wi-fi connection at home 40 percent slower than the fixed broadband connection. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail, Sunday (13/03/2011).

Speed ??download via wi-fi is reduced by 30 percent due to physical barriers and interference wave microwaves, cordless phones and various other electronic devices.

Epitiro explains, this speed difference will be obvious when large amounts of data transferred via wi-fi connection.

A spokesman for Epitiro JP Curley explains, "Consumers who have problems with the performance of its wi-fi must immediately improve their home environment or to connect directly via ethernet."

The researchers carried out tests on 14 thousand internet users in Britain, the United States (U.S.), Spanish and Italian. From the research, they found, many wi-fi routers that have the same communication channel, causing disruption in urban areas. As a result, wi-fi connection is very slow or frequently disconnected.

"Therefore, consumers must choose Internet providers on their ability to provide reliable service," said Curley again.

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