Monday, March 21, 2011

Beware, 5 Things Barrier Sex!

EXCEPT factor is psychological mood, there are many other factors that make sex agenda be disturbed. Anything?
Often the reluctance sex emerge suddenly. Usually, it is caused by several factors that are either physically or psychologically.
When this hit, many people are reluctant to tell her partner about your desires in bed with all the fantasy that flashed in the brain. In fact, this communication may be a diluent for the things that hinder your sex.
Prior to such defects uproot your sex life, consider the factors that were exposed following Idiva.
Heart healthy
According to a new study in the Sydney Morning Herald, erectile dysfunction occurs only in cases of poor blood circulation.
"Now we know that about 75 percent of erectile dysfunction has physical causes and of the vast majority of cases are generally caused by damage to the arteries," says endocrinologist Carolyn Allan, as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald.
According to him, other physical causes are nerve damage after prostate cancer surgery, spinal cord injury or low testosterone levels. But, for an average guy who also has a limit of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, chances are it can be the arteries. So, make sure the couple has a healthy liver to help you get the point "O".


"Stress is another factor that could damage the arrival of your sexual pleasure. To anticipate the arrival of the disorder, then immediately communicate with your partner about your sexual expectations both. This is important so that they can run in a realistic," said Dr. Raj Brahmbhatt, sexologists from Mumbai.
Talk to each other about everyday issues such as work or personal things that are bothering you also become a recommended event. This not only makes you both more intimate but also makes you both connected with better in bed.


"Couples, particularly women tend to gain weight after pregnancy, and pascapernikahan. This will create a negative image that ultimately interfere with your sexual activity," said Dr. Raj.
So, keep checking your weight because these factors can affect your libido.


If you have not enjoyed the relationship, immediately check further the cause, for example, you may have problems with blood sugar levels.
According to Raj, diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction in men and vaginal dryness in women. Dryness in the vagina will cause painful intercourse and cause infection.


Thyroid can reduce a person's sexual tastes. To make sure your thyroid healthy, avoid smoking, and live a healthy lifestyle is.
"If you have a hypo or hyper thyroid, keep control of your healthy lifestyle and do treatment," he added.
For women, maybe you need an extra dose of progesterone or estrogen hormone that is recommended by doctors.
Hypothyroidism can make you depressed and in turn can affect your libido. But this can be overcome by eating drugs regularly and engage in fun activities with a partner.

Make healthy lifestyle

"Always make sure a healthy lifestyle in your everyday life by consuming the correct nutrients and exercise," said Dr. Raj.
Health not only make you physically fit but also improve your confidence and help you in making the maximum game time in bed.

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