Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Safely Use Female Condoms

Cara aman pakai kondom wanita. (Foto: Getty Images)

TOOLS sexual safety is not only used by men only, the fair sex can, too. However, this cylinder-shaped condom use with different ways for male sexual safety devices.

When he was lazy to use a condom when will copulate, it could not hurt the women who use condoms.

In practice, usually the female condom is inserted into the vagina or anus. If used correctly, condoms can help protect women from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies that have not.

If you still feel less familiar because they have not mastered how to use, follow the guide as reviewed eHow.

1. Be careful when opening the condom packaging.
2. Select the position you feel most comfortable to insert the condom.
3. Note that the ring in it was still sealed.
4. Hold the condom with the open end and hanging down.
5. Press the end of the ring and enter into the Miss V.
6. Remove the condom after use. Before moving, turn the tip to open and be careful in removing the condom.


- Use a condom for disposables.
- Some people might find it difficult to insert or disturbed by the sounds of friction

during sexual intercourse took place. You can minimize the sound by using a lubricant on the condom.

- Ensure that condoms provided sufficient lubrication. If you want to use additional lubrication,

do not use oil-based lubricants with latex condoms. Use water instead.

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