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Lobby Enchanting World's Best Hotels

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LOBBY is the first half of the story and your experience in dealing with a building named hotel. You could say things are going on there.

You arrive, you are met, and you leave it too all through a room called the lobby. Therefore not surprising that many hotel entrepreneur who designed one of the soul of this hotel is very charming, fantastic and incredibly beautiful, but still looks wise so as to leave a charming impression desired. From Paris to the small town of Puebla in Mexico there.

Here are some of the most charming hotel lobby in the world to make you'll never forget the experience of your check in and check out your.

Mama Shelter, Paris

Two names familiar in the world of hospitality the French heavyweight, the former Club Med chief executive Serge Trigano and ultra-designer Philippe Starck, in pairs, to conjure up a parking lot on the road Arrondissement number 20 which is far from word pulled into a trendy hotel 172 room. Philippe Starck touch of magic present in every corner of the lobby room, from floors, walls, ceiling until he ramaikan hotel with a stump-shaped seat of the gold and silver, the curtains are decorated four-leaf clove, until the eye is floating on the ceiling coated with blackboard filled with sentences and diagrams.

Gramercy Park Hotel, Ian Schrager in New York CityKetika oust Julian Schnabel as a command of public space revitalization project at the Hotel Gramercy Park, what he got was a surprise really surprising. Away from the previous style of a neat, smooth, and almost perfect as a rich nobleman's residence, Schnabel brings a more personal touch, more patterned and textured series involving most trendy collection of art from the 20th century as works of Twombly, Basquiat, Hirst, and of course his own work that adorned the walls of the lobby, and he mix with a Moroccan-style tile floors, a fireplace decorated with carved tangann, and a glass chandelier that was ordered directly from Venice.

The Waterhouse, ShanghaiDengan appearance very raw and super industrialists, hotel 19 rooms located in the district area was shipyard Shiliupu seem to want to emulate the atmosphere of Shanghai in the past. To lobby has a ceiling as high as three floors, the architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu maintain the integrity of the original buildings that form an artificial concrete-walled warehouse in the 1930s, but still menyususpkan few additional accessories such as columns and beams to maintain its strength. As for a touch of elegance and not outdated, they present a huge chandelier, designed by Studio Job for Moooi in the middle of the room.

Mondrian, MiamiSebagai first hotel located in America, a Dutch designer Marcel wanders visionary wanted to give something surprising and fantastic in every way. So he made the castle of Sleeping Beauty's fantasy as inspiration, and make it as a hotel with 335 rooms. Lobby area of ??the field he's incredible presence of the grand staircase decorated with ornate black steel, brass bell-shaped lamps, and a column in a clean white Baroque-inspired style.

La Purificadora, PueblaSejarah city of Puebla as a location for water bottle packaging the 19th century recorded perfectly from 26 rooms in the hotel La Purificadora. But to really feel it, there's no place more perfect than in the hotel lobby with stunning open air design. Famous Mexican architect, Ricardo Legorreta, maintaining the authenticity of some façade, including stone walls and stone arched gate, and built a volcanic stone staircase with a dramatic water flow. Legorreta also celebrate the lobby area with a long Catholic heritage, which is a sofa in purple-flushed bishops.

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