Monday, March 21, 2011

Fantasy-Fantasy Sex Women, Men Need to Know

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Saatnya bercinta (Foto: Corbis)
Time to make love (Photo: Corbis)
NO different than men, women also have sexual fantasies that became his ideal. However, how do you make it if it he never revealed?

Every woman has secret sexual fantasies that he wants to try. Unfortunately, most of them are too shy and nervous to reveal their sexual fantasies to a partner. Do not give up. This pent-up sexual fantasies he dreamed of a woman who often need a man to know, as reported by Askdanandjennifer.

He wants to be a teacher for you

This is an interesting bet when your spouse acts as a sexy teacher who presented a lesson to you. You do not need to use special costumes or spend money to get started. Simply call him with the title Mrs. and ask him to teach you how to play his fingers on the sensitive area. Give him a chance to feel a bad boy for a moment.

He wants to do it with a stranger

Sex with strangers who have not met is a fantasy dreamed by a woman. To play in a fantasy, you can talk with a little dirty. For example, when he came home from work and you sit down together for dinner, introduce yourself to him and tell him that you have watched him from across the room and you are so happy to see him. To start the game with him, take him to the bathroom and do the game quickly as he chases.

He wants to have sex in public areas

Most women dream of having a sexual experience in a public place. But they never take a chance in real life to actually do it. Satisfy the desire for extraordinary sex somewhere will please him. You could also surprise him when he was in the locker room in a mall.

He wants you to explore her body with your tongue

Many women think that they will enjoy the touch of your tongue is exploring the whole place you've never nursed before.

He wants you to do the dirty talk to him

Almost every woman involved imagining hot chat at a time with their partner. He wanted to hear dirty talk is just as you whisper, his hand corner lulled fun exploring your body, lick you or give you a touch of the hand. He also wanted to hear how you are so fond of when it is often you do to them.

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