Saturday, March 19, 2011

Open-aperture Buzzworthy Sex Problem

Lady Gaga (Foto: Starpulse)

NOT a secret if Buzzworthy sensational celebrity who likes to expose his personal life. Hence, the famous singer through song "Poker Face" is not awkward to talk bluntly about sex.

Free sex or premarital sex among teenagers is nothing new appeared. Thus even for the 24-year-old singer. Gaga admitted having sex for the first time when she was a teenager, but only really began to enjoy a sex life after a long time to do it.

"I did not lose virginity until the age of 17 years. But I must say, that then I'm not ready, and it is an experience which was absolutely awful," said Gaga quoted from Zimbio, Wednesday (03/02/2011).

Although already tasted sex during adolescence, but the owner's full name Joanne Angelina Stefani Germanotta remained through it safely.

"It (sex) is not good at all. I never had sex is not safe, I always ask men to use protection (condoms), which has always been my rule if you play Russian Roulette," he added.

Carl Luc lover bar owner, who once dated her at the age of 19 years was admitted to not really enjoy having sex with men until the moment a long time. Chanter "Telephone" It also feels sex is a way to express feeling "vulnerable".

"I never really enjoyed sex until two years ago. It is a monogamous relationship right where I feel quite free to believe, and have enough love to yourself. Sex is the biggest statement of vulnerability, and for me it important to know that it is a decent relationship, so sex as a source of love and nothing else, "he explained to the British magazine, Grazia.

In the past, Gaga never claimed to embrace bisexual. He also said he believes if a person having sex with someone who does not like, it will damage the "energy" owned.

"I already have a weird superstition about sex. If you do not have sex with someone who really loves you they can mess up your energy," he concluded.

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