Monday, March 21, 2011

5 Signs He's Not the Best Couple Type

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Pilih-pilih pasangan terbaik untuk Anda. (Foto: Corbis)
Select - select the best partner for you. (Photo: Corbis)
BEFORE someone decides to be your partner, you should recognize more about him. It is important that you do not regret in the future.

Maybe of you is currently undergoing approach with some guys and still confused to decide who is the figure that applies to you. Do not rush to decide. Recognizing one's figure does not take a short time, especially concerning the choice of the heart. Of course this is not a play thing to decide.

Well, so you're not confused determine whether he's the type that bad for you, recognize the signs following as reported by Idiva.

- Phone bill payments, internet, and other travel more than you.
- You are so often cry. His figure could not calm you, while you are those who fear the silence.
- You are so minimal to meet with friends and family for weeks because almost all the time you spent with him.

- Most of your friends say that he is a figure that is not feasible for you.
- You often get sick.
The best way for a change
Deep down you probably realize that this person is not good for you. Well, it's time for you to confront this fear and bring your courage to find the best person for you. Remember, control of love is not held by others but by your own that set it from the beginning. Even now he is not the best figure, do not be quick to impose. Believe that true love will be present and beautiful in its time.

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