Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two favorite drink Osama bin Laden while in hiding

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, ABBOTTABAD - Two citizens of Pakistan are known to help Osama bin Laden is hiding often buy soft drinks in large quantities at local stalls. What was bought? According to shop owners, are two popular American soft drink, Pepsi and Coke.
Two people who introduced themselves as Akbar Khan and Rashid is used to do daily shopping at several local shops. They speak in an accent language, Pashtu Waziristan, a region on the Afghan border, said grocery store owner, Anjum Qaisar, 27 years old.
Although the shop is only 150 meters from the compound where they lived, this man was "never came by foot". Vehicles are commonly used Pajero or Suzuki van
"I want to know about why they buy the food so much, but I do not want to be rude to ask," said Qaisar. Once shopping, enough for at least 10 people.
When asked why the move to it, they told their neighbors that the family that had fled from a violent feud tribes in Waziristan to seek quieter life in Abbottabad. This location is within 50 km from Islamabad.
A day after a gun battle that revealed the existence of bin Laden, the former neighbors expressed surprise that Al-Qaeda leader had been hidden among them. Safe house was only a mile from the gates of Pakistan Military Academy.

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