Monday, May 23, 2011


Get Learned! Step 2 - Plug It InCONFIGURE

Many new users of Hammer are so scared by the configuring process that they run away, never to come back. There's a TON of stuff to set up! The trick is that you can ignore most of it, so here's all you need to do:

1)  Click the Game Configurations tab
2)  Click the Edit button
3)  Click the Add button in the dialog that pops up
4)  Type "cstrike" in the textbox
5)  Click the OK button
6)  Click Close
7)  Now click the Add button on the big Configure window
8)  Add the file called "halflife-cs.fgd" (help me!)
9)  Click the Textures tab
10)  Click the Add WAD button
11)  Add the file called "halflife.wad" (help me!)
12)  All done -- click OK to close the big Configure window

You can get back to the Configure window by selecting Tools->Options from the menu bar. You should go there and look around once you are familiar with map design.

If you completed everything on this page, you're now ready to start building!

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