Monday, February 28, 2011

Overcoming RAR Files / Corrupt ZIP

Overcoming RAR Files / Corrupt ZIP

I purposely made this article, because of the many frequently asked questions in my blog ..., with the question "File RAR / ZIP corrupt her?, How well??, Already downloaded for long file corrupted" You do not worry about the past, do not jump on the Delete!!, do not despair!!, what else take desperate action until suicide because've downloaded a lot, use the Internet slow, a new year finished ... corupt file instead. 

As an example the following case you've probably experienced it:

There are many ways for me repair Archive RAR / ZIP, first with the alternative of tools Winrar, before I suggest using the program Winrar Archive do not use the others!!, If you do not have Winrar program you can download the program Winrar:


If you already have, let's go! we immediately praktekin ONLY!
I Copas from my own article when Install PES 2011

   1. Open RAR files that are Corrupt
  1. Then you click Tools -> Repair Archive, or by pressing Alt + R, and make sure you me repair in accordance with the Archive you, if you are shaped RAR Archive select the option "Threat corrput the archive as RAR", if the form of ZIP choose options "Threat corrput the archive as ZIP"
  2. After the Repair WinRar will usually create a new file with the addition of name
    "Fixed.namafile.rar", as the following example of "[Rapidlinksbyannu.blogspot.com] Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2011-RELOADED.part03.rar". be "fixed. [Rapidlinksbyannu.blogspot.com] Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2011-RELOADED.part03.rar"
  3. Then, Delete Part of Corrupt RAR file, and rename the files that have been repaired, the files beginning with "fixed", "fixed.namafile.rar" such as the picture above, change (rename) file "fixed. [Rapidlinksbyannu. blogspot.com] Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2011-RELOADED.part03.rar "to" [Rapidlinksbyannu.blogspot.com] Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2011-RELOADED.part03.rar "

END .., ! wait there's more .. before you extract make sure you mencentangkan option "Keep broken files", why should it? answer is feared because it is often the files that you extract was not out at all, with the option "Keep broken files", then extract the files you will come out with as it should
Follow these steps,

1. Centangkan on the "Keep broken files".

  1. Go to the Advanced tab, select the option "Do Not Extract Paths".

Its done..., \/

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  1. I use rar files very often. Once I had like complicated trouble. Luckily for me only thanks to winrar repair, I could resolve it. Besides it would be useful for some other problem in this sphere of knowledge.



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