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5 Things Fear This'women in bed

5 Things Fear This'women in bed

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Outside activities that are fun, sex is also can be a daunting agenda, because of the frightening experience in it.

Before you panic, you should first know the general things that make women fear, as reported by AskMen.

New Territory

The first thing that can make a woman scared in bed is because you ask him to do something never done before.

Actually, it depends on how much confidence. But at least do something with that little experience would have led to feelings of fear.

Before you ask him to do something, you should let him have the knowledge and comfort level on these issues than you force him to do so.

He's strangling

It may not be a problem if you are draping arms around his neck and gave him a little squeeze. However, surely it must be with the permission of the him or one of you did ask.

Strangle her during sex would frighten him. Some people might enjoy sex with violence and felt sick after having sex. But keep in mind, not all women are comfortable with this way.

Sex toys

Using sex toys or other toys with a fitted battery, or handcuffs, may become a normal part of your sex life, but what about when the couple did not know it?

If such circumstances, you should not use these tools in the bed. Most women probably could use a simple vibrator or having sex with blinders on, but if this idea is too extreme for him, because you bring the rope whips, plugs a textured, naturally it would only scare him. Instead, talk about it before using it.

Dirty talk

Most of us probably can appreciate Nudity chat with the couple in bed. In the hot atmosphere, all sorts of things can come out of your mouth together. Still, a few of the women who scared by this.

Therefore, you can start with a whisper slowly about fantasy in his ear in a low voice so as not to frighten him.

Scary sex

What a scary woman in the bed might make another woman hot and bothered, so you need to know how she reaction to an unusual practice when you request it.

If you want to do this, you should talk to her from the beginning rather than forcing him to have sex that is not compatible for both of you.

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