Friday, February 25, 2011

2 Sex Variations in the He assured reach climax

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LOVE is the most intimate form of communication for couples. Therefore, the actualization need routine in it. For it is not wrong if you study the variation of the latest sex every day. Who knows, one of them become your favorite and the him.

Here are two variations of sex that would make the climax feels stronger, as quoted by Cosmopolitan.

The Stand and Deliver

Instructions: Position your back against a wall with both legs dilated, facing her husband. Wrap your legs at the hip pair, and ask him to hold out your thigh to hold your body weight. While he penetration, was leaning against the wall as retaining your body.

Why you'll like it? Same with the missionaries, this variation will bring profound intimacy for you and your partner.

"This position is very intense and multifunctional, perfect for a quickie". Plus, when you close your thighs, you have pressed also burrow Miss V which would increase the rate of friction for the couple. Can be ascertained how the body stimulated him with this position.

Tip: Close the more toned your thighs, let her feel the friction is more profound in the genital area. The more toned muscles Miss V sealed, further increase the maximum satisfaction for both of you.

Carnal Crisscross

Instructions: Begin by lying on his side lay his head on one arm. Lift one leg and let the penetrating partner did the same position with the shaft located on both your genital area (like scissors). Once he penetration, ask him to rely on your shoulders to withstand the friction of intercourse. Guaranteed this position you highly enjoyed by both of you.

Why you'll like it? Sideways sex positions are fairly awesome! Where a close distance genital organ, capable of carrying the incredible sensation of each movement hujaman partner.

Plus, this position allows him bereksplorsi with the deepest part of your genitalia, especially, the softest are usually teracuhkan, which will give the sensation supermenjalar in every part of your body.

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