Friday, April 15, 2011

download game alien shooter 2 full

download game here DOWNLOAD part 1 - (200mb)
download game here DOWNLOAD part 2 - (40mb)

take from: dytoshare.net

how to install:

1. download part 1 - part 2 saved in a folder, extract it will form a folder whose contents "unl-as01.zip"to "unl-as51.zip"

2. select all (block all) "unl-as01.zip"to "unl-as51.zip" - extract here
if there confrim replace file select yes to all-
then remove the "unl-as01.zip"to "unl-as51.zip" so as not to interfere

3. then will form "unl-as2r.rar"to "unl-as2r.r49"
before it (turn off your antivirus \, because some antivirus regard this as a virus. but it was just false alarm)
block all file "unl-as2r.rar"to "unl-as2r.r49" then - extract here
confrim replace file-yes to all

4. run "setup.bat" wait until selsai

5. play this game ...... Do not forget to delete the "setup.bat" and "as2r.unl" to avoid another false alarm

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