Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Cheat Counter-Strike

Press the "~" to open the console then enter the cheat

Cheat                                           efect
bot_kill                                      kill all bot
bot_kick                                   kick all bot
bot_add_ct                               add boot ct   
bot_add_t                                 add boot ter
sv_gravity 0-9999999        change gravity   

in console type "sv_cheats 1" to enable cheat below
then type "restart" and then enter the cheat:

cheat                            efek
impulse 101            16000 money
impulse 102             blood, bone.
fly                                 fly
god                             invicble

Tips n Trik on Counter-Strike:Condition Zero

Snap AK-47
In order to accurately shoot at the enemy by using the AK-47 do not have to shoot blindly point the cursor right on the head of an enemy and then shoot just 2 rounds 2 rounds it will headshot……….

Snap P90
To shoot precisely using P90 with a far distance point the cursor on the enemy's head and then shot by using the method of brush-fire in the gun FAMAS ... ...

Sniper Scout
To use the Scout try to shoot right at the head of an enemy,
Then can combine with
a pistol DAngel or Compact ……
Use the "brush-fire mode" at a distance and then right at the head of the enemy's direction and headshot .

All weapon
In order to try to shoot enemies die quickly tept in the head or in the chest then the enemy will die quickly……………… let’s try.


Replace logo with your desired spray how:
select the image you like
change the image dimensions of 64 x 64
Last bground to be black and white picture

lau copy di C:…. \Condition Zero\valve\logos

good luck bro…..

Cheat Alien Shooter 1

this is cheat for alien shooter 1 :

ketik cheat pas play

cheat                           efect

cheath                           1000 health
cheate                          instant win     
cheatw                         unlock all weapon
master                          enable red blood
type cheat in shop

cheat                           efek

cheatm                   50.000 money

lets tray guys ………….

Tips n Trik 
if you ammo is empty  "cheatw" it will give you more ammo

Round the walls at each level of firing was a cracked wall to make and sign a hole is typically contain
-          50 money
-          Weapon
-          Ammo
-          Implant
-          Life

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